What does Swedish legislation say?

According to Swedish legislation, a child who has been the result of the donation of eggs or sperm must be able to find out its genetic origins at a mature age. For this reason, the donor’s personal data will be archived in the Livio Egg Bank. In cases where it would be relevant that the child wishes to find out its genetic origins, the Livio Egg Bank will always contact you beforehand, to allow you to prepare yourself.

According to Swedish legislation, an egg donor in Sweden may give rise to a total of 10 children across a maximum of 6 families.

The most important thing in the law that you as a donor need to know:

“A child who has been born through egg donation has the right, if it has achieved sufficient maturity, to obtain information concerning donor data recorded in the hospital’s special journal. Upon request, the Social Welfare Board is obliged to assist the child in obtaining this information “.

The Donor signs a consent form for donated eggs to be used for fertilisation outside of the body and thus the donor has no legal rights or obligations towards the children that may possibly eventuate.